As Virgens "Artista: Jotape"

In his first solo exhibition Jotapê presents a vast collection of conceptual works that feature his unique style, and reveals its new and unpublished work. Thanks: Alex Brandão, Carine Marques, Fábio Sapo, Hocks, Felipe Pedra, Graziela Fonseca, Leopoldo Constanzo, Nunca Visto, Rovere Design, Yara P. Soundtrack: Opening: Fábio Szortyka e Jean Presser First day: Sincero (prod. Dinei) by Nunca Visto Second day: Sky Groove by Fábio Szortyka Third day: Sea Cost (prod. Rodrigo Piá) by Nunca Visto Closing: Dub Step Carecones by Fábio Szortyka Audio design and mixing: Fábio Szortyka Support: Núcleo Urbanóide e A Virgem bar Production: Cartel Graphics

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